Out Materials

We only print on high quality Vinyl material meant to last the elements!! We DO NOT PRINT ON PAPER as paper is a cheap alternative and not meant to last the first rainstorm!

All of our stickers are printed with OEM Inks to ensure true colors! We also laminate every sticker to increase the durability and increasing the life to 3 - 5 years!!

Our stickers are available in Gloss and Matte. Gloss stickers has a shine to them and are the most popular. Matte stickers don't have the shine but are great for areas that are under lights or indoors.

Clear stickers are the bread and butter for stickers on your bong! Who wants a sticker with a white or colored background? All our stickers from our Sticker Library come stock in clear because that is the best!

If your looking for a sticker that is great for your walls or a temporary use our Fabric Media is perfect for that! It is removable and reusable so you can apply it over and over again :)

Any questions please feel free to ask! Bongstickers@gmail.com